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Save on Locksmith service fees. No need to buy a brand new lock. With our Do It Yourself lock cylinder and key change, you can easily change your lock and key without all the service fee or expense of new equipment. Choose from 90 key codes for added security. Please check out the video above for an explanation on how to change your lock cylinders. 


Each DIY order comes with the following:

(2) Non-Mastered Lock Cylinders

(2) Global Link Keys

(1) Master Key (for changing lock cylinders)

(1) Change Key (for changing lock cylinders)

(1) $50 Refund IF you return the Master Key and Change Key


Note: This listing will ONLY work for Global Link Locks. For Bauer & FIC Locks, please see our DIY listings for them. If you need extra cylinders or keys, please send us a message to quote you additional supplies without the major upcharge! The Master Key and Change Key will be the buyer's responsibility to return. You must return it with a copy of your order/packing slip so we can refund the proper order.


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